Monday, October 20, 2008

Thing 7 Technology

The world of technology is changing every day. It is amazing what is at our finger tips.Any thing you may need. Recipes, planning a trip and viewing the area before you go, information on third world country's, downloading pictures and sending them to family members in minutes.Amazing.I have alot to learn. My children know more than I do.So I have to keep up on the ever changing world. I am thankful for this exercise. It is helping me stay informed. The library is a public place and I am thankful it is also keeping up with the changes so we can better serve our community. this new world can be intimidating,but with a little patience we can become accustom to it.

Thing 6

Color gives life. Flickr color pickr is fascinating. It is neat to see different things in the same color.

Thing 5 I lve this picture.I do alot of baking and this is just so sweet.It reminds me of my childhood.

Monday, September 29, 2008

First blog.

I think learning is important. Our world around us is constantly changing. We need to be changing with it. I am glad we have this tool. Learning more will help me serve my friend's, co-workers,patrons and the community.